Shenzhen Haodexin Electronic Technology Co., Limited
Shenzhen Haodexin Electronic Technology Co., Limited
주요 제품:데스크톱 POS 터미널, 휴대용 POS 터미널, 모든 하나의 POS 시스템, 버스 Validator, 방문자 관리 시스템

We have a modern manufacturing center in Shenzhen, with large-scale SMT processing, PCBA post welding test, end-product assembly and strict quality control system. We offer a one-stop service that is from product definition, product development to PCBA manufacturing and product ODM. 


We focus on smart terminals, including smart handheld POS, smart cash register equipment, bus validator, reception attendance terminal, visitor registration terminal, etc.


Our products are widely used in many industry fields: university restaurants, factory canteen, social food and beverage,cinemas, hotel, scenic spot, hospital, medicine store, social insurance system,public security, intelligent public transport, supermarket, unmanned supermarket etc.

Android/Windows POS Terminal

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Handheld POS Terminal
안드로이드 데스크톱 pos 터미널
All In One POS System